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Roissy Charles de Gaulle - CDG :

Terminal 1


Exit 16 on deparure level


Terminal 2A - 2C


Exit 8


Terminal 2B


Exit 5


Terminal 2D


Exit 10


Terminal 2E - 2F


Underneath large oval panel inside the terminal - Meeting point


Terminal 3


Exit arrival


Orly - Western and Southern Orly Airport :


Orly Ouest=Exit G  Orly Sud = Exit E

Beauvais :

Main exit

Train station  :

Gare du Nord


In front of fast-food restaurant "Quick", opposite the main exit of the train station


Gare d'Austerlitz

Exit 25 - Arrival


Gare de Lyon


Outside under the large clock


Gare de l’Est


In front of the Hotel Paris Est, attached to the train station, main exit.


Gare Montparnasse


Escalator for Boulevard Pasteur , on ground floor, platform 19, at taxis


Callshuttle,Aeroport transfert, Navette ,Paris, Excursion
Meeting points